Training Studios and Boutique Gyms

Build your Social Community

Let us help you build your fitness community - mobile first

If you own and run a studio or boutique gym we know how important your customers are. You want to provide the best service and build your fitness community. Pummel Business in addition to finding new customer leads has an excellent offering of a branded mobile application build around social and community. Empower your coaches to provide the best service to their customers and build your fitness community. Make every customer feel special and share your group motivation and challenges. Pummel - Better Together.
Branded Mobile App
Your own private area within Pummel for your Studio or Gyms
Mobile Messaging
Setup your coaches, instructors and trainers and let them communicate and motivate your clients, daily and weekly
Build your Community
Provide the best service to your clients by having a Social Group within the Pummel mobile app
Receive feedback about your coaches, instructors and trainers, with a 100 point rating system
Share your results
Motivate your private community with Social posts and activity tracking
Promote your trainers
Additionally receive 4 Pummel trainer accounts to attract new clients from the wider Pummel Community.